Build Your Best Adult Lunch Box

Build Your Best Adult Lunch Box

By Kim Hoban,RDN, CDN, CPT

The EggNutrition Center partnered with Kim Hoban, RDN, CDN, CPT to write this blogpost.

Back to school time isn’t just for the kids. The start ofa new school year can provide the opportunity to get back into a routine andestablish healthy habits. Packing lunches can help the whole family stayorganized, eat well and save money. If you’re tired of boring brown bagsandwiches and drab deli salads, it might be time to revamp your adult lunchbox. Follow these three tips to help you pack your own delicious, nutritiousand satisfying lunches for that midday meal.

Keep it simple. Your lunch box doesn’t have to contain a gourmet or chef-inspired meal every day. Use things you already have on hand or get creative with leftovers. Ditch the idea that lunches even need to be recipe-driven and fill a Bento Box with snack items instead. Hard-boiled eggs, veggies, hummus and crackers, nuts and fruit all make for a perfect snack-like lunch. Better yet, enjoy brunch for lunch with an easily packable breakfast option, like this Broccoli Cheese Frittata.

Maximize nutrition. Think oflunchtime as another opportunity to fill up on nutritious foods like colorfulfruits and veggies, high-quality proteins and hearty whole grains. Choose mealsthat include a balance of carbohydrates, protein and fats to meet your nutrientneeds and give you plenty of energy to make it through the rest of yourworkday.

Looking for some egg-cellent choices? Try these:

Make it tasty. Building a nutritious meal is great, but don’t forget to take things up a notch by incorporating fun flavors and the “s” factor: satisfaction. Dips and dressings make for a yummy addition to salads or sandwiches, and dessert can finish things off on a sweet and satisfying note. Finding a treat like these Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies in your lunch box might stir up some childhood memories and make for an enjoyable lunch break. And, since you’ll be well nourished and satisfied, you’ll be better able to focus on your work ahead instead of feeling hungry and preoccupied with an afternoon snack!

Satisfaction, nutrition and simplicity are all importantfactors in creating a midday meal that even your kids will be jealous of. Thepossibilities are truly endless for adult lunch boxes that will inspire healthyhabits, while saving time and money.

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