Maria Luz Fernandez, Ph.D.

Maria Luz Fernandez, Ph.D.

Dr. Fernandez clarifies common misperceptions about eggs, which she refers to as a functional food, and also discusses dietary cholesterol, obesity, and the metabolic syndrome.

Representative Publications as of October 2010 (from a total of 161)

1. Fernandez ML, Calle MC. Revisiting dietary cholesterol recommendations: does the evidence support a 300 mg/d limit? Current Atherosclerosis Reports. 2010; 12:377-383.

2. Vislocky L, Fernandez ML. Biomedical effects of grape products. Nutrition Reviews. 2010: 68:656-670.

3. Ratliff JC, Leite JO, DeOgburn R, Puglisi M, Van Heest J, Fernandez ML. Consuming eggs for breakfast influences plasma glucose and ghrelin, while reducing caloric intake during the next 24 hours in adult men. Nutrition Research. 2010; 30:96-103.

4. Al-Sarraj T, Saadi H, Calle MC, Volek JS, Fernandez ML. Carbohydrate restriction as a first-line dietary intervention therapy effectively reduces the biomarkers of metabolic syndrome in Emirati adults. Journal of Nutrition. 2009; 139:1667-1676.

5. Leite JO, DeOgburn R, Ratliff J, Su R, Volek JS, McGrane MM, Dardik A, Fernandez ML. Low carbohydrate diets disrupt the association between insulin resistance and weight gain. Metabolism. 2009: 58:116-1122.

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7. Torres-Gonzalez M, Volek JS, Leite JO, Fraser H, Fernandez ML. Carbohydrate restriction reduces lipids and inflammation and prevents atherosclerosis in guinea pigs. Journal of Arterioscleosis and Thrombosis. 2008; 15:235-243.

8. Ratliff J, Mutungi G, Puglisi M, Volek JS, Fernandez ML. Eggs modulate the inflammatory response to carbohydrate restricted diets in overweight men. Nutrition and Metabolism. 2008; 5:6.

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10. Fernandez ML & Webb D. The LDL to HDL cholesterol ratio as a valuable tool to evaluate coronary heart disease risk. The impact of dietary cholesterol. Journal of the American College of Nutrition. 2008; 27:1-5.

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16. Fernandez ML & West KL. Mechanisms by which dietary fatty acids modulate plasma Lipids. Journal of Nutrition. 2005;135: 2075-2078.

17. Fernandez ML & Vega-Lopez S. Efficacy and safety of ?-sitosterol in the management of blood cholesterol levels. Cardiovascular Research. 2005;23:73-86.

18. Ballesteros MN, Cabrera RM, Saucedo MS & Fernandez ML. Dietary cholesterol does not increase biomarkers for chronic disease in a pediatric population at risk from Northern Mexico. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2004;80: 855-861.

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