Eggs, Cholesterol and Health Issues

Eggs, Cholesterol and Health Issues

Health Issues

The articles listed below address a number of different issues dealing with eggs, cholesterol, and a variety of health issues, including food safety.

Dietary Cholesterol and Plasma Cholesterol: An Update A review of dietary cholesterol feeding studies reported between 1994 and 1996. Includes comparison of dose adjusted responses to 143 reported cholesterol feeding studies carried out over the past thirty years.
Good Nutrition is Ageless A review of studies and commentary on the risks and benefits of dietary restrictions to reduce cardiovascular disease risk in the elderly.
Salmonella Information regarding Salmonella, food safety, and egg handling.
Nutrition Information on Eggs Everything you need to know about the nutritional value of eggs and the contributions eggs make to the balance, variety and moderation of the American diet.
Egg Trivia Interesting and unusual facts about eggs.


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