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Introduction by Mitchell Kanter, Ph.D. Executive Director, ENC

Dr. Kanter will provide an overview of the mission of the Egg Nutrition Center, as well as a review of the ENC-funded research activities.

David L. Katz, MD, MPH Director, Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center

Dr. Katz discusses his research on diet and endothelial function, and highlights the many benefits of eating eggs.

Marie Caudill, Ph.D., RD Associate Professor, College of Human Ecology Cornell University

Dr. Caudill reviews the functions of choline, her research on choline as an essential nutrient, particularly as this relates to pregnant women, and dietary sources of choline.

Maria Luz Fernandez, Ph.D. Professor, Dept. of Nutritional Sciences University of Connecticut

Dr. Fernandez clarifies common misperceptions about eggs, which she refers to as a functional food, and also discusses dietary cholesterol, obesity, and the metabolic syndrome.

Donald K. Layman, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois Director of Research, ENC

Dr. Layman speaks about his extensive research on protein, the current debate regarding optimum protein intake, and the importance of protein distribution throughout the day, particularly at breakfast.

Ken Anderson, Ph.D. Professor, Dept. of Poultry Science North Carolina State University

Dr. Anderson explains his research assessing the cholesterol found in eggs from caged hens vs. eggs from cage-free hens, which lead to the discovery that the cholesterol content of 1 large egg is 185 mgs vs. the previously reported 212 mgs.

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