Continuing Education Opportunities

Protein Toolkit

The materials in this tool kit will explore the important roles that protein serves in the body, current dietary protein recommendations, optimal protein intake recommendations for adults and how healthcare professionals can use new research to provide appropriate counsel for patients and clients.  approved by the Commission on Dietetic Registration(CDR) for 1 CPEU. In order to receive 1 credit of continuing education from CDR registered dietitians must read the toolkit and complete this survey.

Webinars for Continuing Education

Challenging Nutrition Dogma: New Research in Dietary Protein and Health  

Tia M Rains, PhD  and Kristin Maggi, MS, PA-C

Over the past 50 years Americans have been told that a high carbohydrate, low fat, moderate protein diet is optimal for health. During this same period, however, overweight and obesity have increase, while the incidence of diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease have increased or remained the same. In light of these facts, scientists have been researching different dietary patterns, and a higher protein, lower carb diet has emerged as a potentially healthier alternative in terms of weight loss and chronic disease risk. Coupled with newer data suggesting that saturated fats may not be as harmful as once thought, our entire understanding of what constitutes a healthy dietary pattern has been called into question. This presentation will review new research on macronutrients and health, and challenge the current paradigm of consuming a high carb diet for health promotion.

The Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) has approved Plexus Consulting Group to provide 1.0 (Level 2) CPE credit hours for this activity for RDs and DTRs. Physicians, osteopaths, physician assistants, nurses and nurse practitioners may earn a certificate of participation for recognizing 1 Category 2 CME credit for participating in this activity. Register here.

Building a Better Breakfast with High-Quality Protein and Produce

The first meal of the day is a great time to encourage patients, customers, or clients to consume a variety of foods, especially those foods containing nutrients of concern, in a tasty and colorful way. Listen in for the latest research on how high-quality protein paired with fruits and vegetables can influence nutrient adequacy, satiety and health. You’ll also hear practical tips to help build a better breakfast. The webinar was sponsored by Egg Nutrition Center and Produce for Better Health Foundation and is approved by the Commission on Dietetic Registration(CDR) for  1 CPEU. The webinar must be viewed through the  Produce For Better Health Foundation site to receive the CPEU.


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