Vegetarian Christmas Dinner Menu

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Are you hosting a Christmas dinner party this year? Chances are there may be a vegetarian amongst your guests. A recent survey found that 7.3 million Americans follow a vegetarian diet.1 Fortunately, with a little planning and preparation, you can help vegetarian guests feel like they’re part of the party, not limited to the side dishes.

When planning a Vegetarian Christmas menu, it’s important to learn about your guest’s dietary restrictions. Are they vegan? Or do they allow for animal products such as eggs and dairy? While not all vegetarians choose to eat eggs, they can be a great option for those who do. Eggs are a good source of high quality protein and provide nutrients that vegetarians typically lack, such as vitamin D and B12.2 Eggs versatility also make them an ideal fit for a vegetarian Christmas dinner menu!

For many hosts, it may not be feasible to make a separate menu for vegetarians. But there are some simple dishes that can be added to the menu to accommodate guests hoping to have a vegetarian Christmas dinner. Expert tip: it’s always good to make enough for the entire group. These recipes are sure to be crowd pleasers!


Mini Frittata Crostini – Incredible Egg                                  Pickled Deviled Eggs – Incredible Egg

Side Dishes

Vegetarian Stuffing –                         Savory Bread Pudding –

Main Dishes

Florentine Strata – Incredible Egg                                       Cauliflower Roast –





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