New Research: Eating Eggs at Breakfast May Help With Appetite and Caloric Intake Control in Kids

creative scrambled egg breakfast face shapeAs highlighted in a recent blog, higher protein breakfasts may reduce hunger in kids. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania recently confirmed these results in a study that compared the satiating properties of egg- versus two cereal grain-based breakfasts in children.

They found that children consumed roughly 70 fewer calories at lunch after eating the egg breakfast versus the cereal or oatmeal breakfasts. However, there were no differences in total daily caloric intake between the three breakfasts. This suggests kids may have compensated for the reduction in calories at lunch throughout other parts of the afternoon or evening.

A closer look at the study:

• Forty children (19 girls, 21 boys) ages 8-10 years both normal weight and obese were recruited.

• Participants completed three visits in a randomized, crossover design once a week for three consecutive weeks.

• On the testing day, participants were served one of three breakfast meals – all around 350 calories total:
– Three scrambled eggs, toast, diced peaches and milk (18g protein)
– Oatmeal, whole wheat bread, diced peaches and milk (12g protein)
– Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, milk, Pop-Tart and orange juice (7g protein)

• An ad libitum lunch meal was served

• Appetite assessments were taken via visual analog scales and food intake was measured throughout the day via food record

This study indicates that a protein-based breakfast may reduce caloric intake at lunch in both normal weight and obese children. Although subjective ratings of appetite were not different between breakfast conditions (and this is not unusual with satiety research), this study provides support that the satiating properties of eggs extend to children.

To learn more about the study, access it at PubMed here:


Reference Citation

Kral TV, Bannon AL, Chittams J, Moore RH. Comparison of the satiating properties of egg- versus cereal grain-based breakfasts for appetite and energy intake control in children. Eat Behav. 2016;20:14-20.


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