ENC Supports the San Antonio Food Bank

San Antonio Food Bank

The Egg Nutrition Center (ENC) is fortunate to work with its Health Professional Advisors (HPAs), a group made up of a variety of health experts who are committed to better nutrition and optimal health. Last week ENC met with our HPAs in San Antonio, TX. Among the topics discussed was food insecurity and how nutrient-dense, affordable eggs may play a role in food insecure populations. The group concluded its meeting with a visit to the San Antonio Food Bank, a facility that should be applauded for its efforts in providing good food to individuals in southwest Texas.

For more information about the San Antonio Food Bank, visit http://safoodbank.org/.

For additional information on food insecurity and for ways how healthcare professionals can assist underserved populations, read “Transforming healthcare to fight hunger,” and see the accompanying infographic.

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