Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Eggs

Tomorrow marks the start of the Chinese New Year. ???? – Xin nian kuai le! Eggs are significant in Chinese culture, as a symbol for fertility and a big healthy family. Additionally, the egg white and yolk symbolize silver and gold, respectively, and can be gifts for friends during the new year’s festival.

Egg yolks are also gold from a nutrition perspective. Most of the eggs’ nutrients and nearly half of the protein (just over 40%) is found in the yolk. Additionally, egg yolks carry fat-soluble nutrients like vitamin D, E, A, choline, and the antioxidants lutein/zeaxanthin. Plus, the fat, which is mostly unsaturated and found in the egg yolk, aids in the absorption of these essential and important egg components.

When celebrating the New Year, delicious food is a must. Here are our favorite Chinese egg dishes:

Chinese Omelette: Asian veggies and umami flavor make this omelette a must-try.

Tea Eggs: These boiled eggs are given extra flair by soaking in a tea sauce.

Chinese Egg Noodles: Noodles are a symbol of longevity in Chinese culture. In this dish, egg noodles are combined with asparagus for a nutrient-packed meal.

Hot Pot: If you haven’t tried a hot pot, you need to. They’re the best! Crack an egg into the pot for a flavorful treat.

While New Year’s Eve is only one night, the entire festival lasts 15 days. So have fun exploring a range of Chinese cuisine during the holiday.

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