A Mediterranean Makeover

Mediterranean Diet Makeover

Are you in need of a makeover? Instead of updating your wardrobe or hair color, consider a look that features olive oil, salmon and legumes. May is Mediterranean Diet month, and healthy lifestyle choices are on trend.

The Mediterranean Diet – which includes foods typically consumed by people around the Mediterranean Sea – is widely known for promoting health and longevity.1 In fact, the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend a Mediterranean-Style meal pattern because of its positive effects on health outcomes.Here are a few ways you can remake your diet, Mediterranean style!

Fill your cupboard with Mediterranean staples. This could include extra virgin olive oil, canned beans and tomatoes, oregano, cumin and garlic. Have these items handy to incorporate in recipes. Visit the Oldways Mediterranean Pantry for more nutritious options available at your grocery store.

Load up on produce! Fruits and vegetables are an essential aspect of the Mediterranean Diet. Aim to incorporate fruits and vegetables in every meal. And don’t be shy topping vegetables with olive oil and spices.

Put an Egg on It: Eggs can be included in the Mediterranean Diet. Add eggs to a Mediterranean salad or incorporate them into Shashuka!

Experiment with grains such as polenta, farro, millet, or couscous!

To learn more about the Mediterranean Diet, and the Egg Nutrition Center’s partnership with Oldways’ Mediterranean Foods Alliance, check out our previous post Eggs in a Mediterranean-Style Eating Pattern.




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