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ENC’s blog features articles on new research as well as recaps of meetings, reports, and other information related to eggs and health. Contact ENC if you are interested in writing an article on eggs for a guest post.

Holiday Tips for your Heart

Holiday StressSticking to a heart-healthy lifestyle can be challenging during the holidays. However, balancing treats with sensible eating and lifestyle choices can help you get through the season’s festivities. Here are some holiday tips for your heart: To decrease stress during the holidays, keep yourself on the calendar by continuing to do the good things you’re doing for yourself. Write in…

Whole Eggs for Muscle Growth

Egg WhitesIn nutrition science, individual nutrients are often recognized for their specific roles in physiology. We know that calcium is critical for bone health, choline is important for brain development and a lack of vitamin C will result in scurvy. However, whole foods are complex and contain numerous compounds, often leading to effects that extend beyond the sum of their parts….

Women’s Health and Fitness Day

Womens Health and FitnessWomen often struggle to balance busy careers and family while budgeting time for health and fitness. Fortunately, the last Wednesday in September is designated as National Women’s Health and Fitness Day! A time to spotlight the importance of regular physical activity and healthy living for women. The following strategies can help many women resist the temptation to allow a busy…

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