About ENC

About Us

Egg Nutrition Center (ENC) monitors scientific findings and regulatory developments, and serves as a resource for health practitioners in need of current nutrition information to share with their patients. Key vehicles for disseminating information are the Nutrition Close-Up newsletter, various educational brochures and tool kits, published scientific articles, and symposia presented at health professional conferences and the enc-online.org website.

Role of the Egg Nutrition Center

The Egg Nutrition Center is dedicated to providing balanced, accurate information on the complex issues surrounding eggs, nutrition, and health. These issues are addressed by health and nutrition experts such as those employed by ENC, as well as their external expert networks. ENC sponsors scientific research that is primarily focused on egg intake and various indices of health and disease. Research grants are openly solicited and reviewed by a Scientific Advisory Panel comprised of acknowledged authorities in health research and clinical practice. Independent scientists guide many of the research and educational projects of ENC and provide analysis and interpretation of current scientific literature. ENC research helps to verify eggs as a part of a healthy diet.

Funding of the Egg Nutrition Center

The ENC is funded by the American Egg Board, which is a checkoff program. In the United States, a checkoff program collects funds from farmers of a particular agricultural commodity and uses these funds for promotional and research activities. Checkoff programs conduct generic promotion, research, and consumer information activities. The United States Department of Agriculture is responsible for overseeing the research and educational activities of checkoff programs under the authority of the Egg Research and Consumer Information Act.

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