ENC sponsors health related scientific research that is primarily focused on egg intake. Research grants are openly solicited and reviewed by a Scientific Advisory Panel comprised of acknowledged authorities in health research and clinical practice. ENC's investment in scientific research is in excess of $1 million per year.

ENC 2012 Research Priorities:

1. Nutrition in health and disease:

Obesity: particular emphasis on childhood obesity.

Heart disease: effect of eggs on lipoprotein or cholesterol metabolism.

2. Nutrition for a healthy lifestyle:

Nutrient density: contribution of eggs to a healthy diet. Approaches may include diet modeling, evaluation of bioavailability, and synergistic effects
of eggs with other foods.

Protein: use of eggs at breakfast related to satiety, glycemic control, body composition, or inflammation.

3. Nutrition for special populations:

Diabetes: relationship of eggs to onset or progression of type 2 diabetes.

Nutrition for healthy aging: contributions of protein/eggs related to aging and nutrition.

4. Nutritional value of eggs or egg components: An interest in pilot studies to evaluate the potential to use components of eggs as
value-added food ingredients; or potential to enrich the egg with at-risk nutrients.


Integrity Guidelines for ENC-funded Research

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