Mitch Kanter, Ph.D.

Mitch Kanter, Ph.D.

Mitch Kanter, Ph.D. serves as the Executive Director of the Egg Nutrition Center, a role he has held since August 2009. Prior to joining ENC, Mitch spent almost 20 years in the food industry, serving in director level positions for the Quaker Oats Company (Director of Scientific Research and Communications), the General Mills Company (Director of Nutrition Science), and Cargill (Director of Health and Nutrition; Director of Venturing).

Mitch received BS and MS degrees from Queens College in NYC, and an MS in Nutrition and a PhD in Physiology from The Ohio State University. He also served as a post doctoral research fellow in Preventive Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Mitch has authored dozens of articles and book chapters in both lay and scientific publications, and he has conducted over 200 lectures and presentations over the years on various health and nutrition-related topics.

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