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Eggs Receive Walmart’s “Great for You” Seal

By Marcia Greenblum, MS, RD
February 7th, 2012

If you’re like me, it’s becoming harder and harder to live in the real world and also eat what is nutritious. With so many new products and reformulations of old products, it’s bewildering to visit the supermarket and find what your family wants and what you know they should have. If I feel this way it must be even harder for those without the interest and education in nutrition that I have.

Well, Walmart is coming to the rescue! Rather than going the way of other front of package systems which give nutrient content and calories to compare with other products, Walmart’s system has gone the threshold route. With the Great for You icon, Walmart has chosen to help shoppers speed through the supermarket by identifying which foods meet their standard for healthy. Unlike many other similar systems which promote a corporate product, Walmart’s beneficiaries are their shoppers.

After the Great for You release, several media outlets suggested that Walmart officials were undecided about whether eggs would receive the Great for You icon. From what I read, eggs did receive the icon because their benefits of high quality protein and affordability far outweigh the questionably unfavorable association of dietary cholesterol with health. This shows me that the officials at Walmart understand that although there may be some passionate people who believe food must be expensive and unpleasant to be healthy, most people need affordable foods that are easy to prepare and liked by all family members. In all cultures and for generations, eggs been considered a delicious source of affordable nutrients and now Walmart’s Great for You icon makes that simple to recognize.


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